Nail Designs 2021-2022: Latest Manicure Trends

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Well-groomed style and beautiful manicure help create a wonderful image for any event. Every woman is accustomed to splashing with a charming design of manicure, either for an important occasion or to have it day by day, creating a trendy nail design.

Depending on the picture, it is worth taking into account various manicure ideas in a fashionable design. And for each case, nail art experts offer us stunning fashion manicure items for every season.

Nail designs 2021

An important role in making a nail art is with nail art techniques and nail styles that will allow you to “create” the right mood on your nails – festive, playful, funny or romantic.

And seasonal manicure trends offer fashionable new nail design ideas for every taste – from neon solutions to intense manicure ideas for the new season.

Manicure ideas 2022

Modern nail art models are so diverse that it will be possible to find an option for any style – from the classic to the most extravagant.

After examining many of the 2021-2022 fashion manicure options, we’ve decided to give you the top ideas for manicure with gel-nailpolish in different styles. We assure you that you will undoubtedly find the latest manicure ideas in our collection before making the next visit to your manicure specialist.

Latest nail designs 2022

The nail trends are determined by the nail shape, the techniques of creating a fashionable design, and the trends in decoration.

Techniques. If you want to surprise with a new original manicure, pay attention to fashion trends in nail design. Equally current are the techniques executed in French and Crescent, as well as color block, negative space, deep design, marble manicure, etc.

What are this year’s nail trends

Drawings. Manicure novelties are unthinkable without drawings, regardless of the nail design style – solemn or casual. In the first case, by the way, there will be novelties of manicure with flowers, twigs and lace on the nails. Laconism in a fashionable manicure will add the “geometry”, abstraction, originality – animal print and camouflage.

Decorative elements. An integral part of fashionable manicure will be the decorative elements that are offered in a wide variety. The gloss and the chic on the nail will be provided by the foil cut into fine pieces, applied in various ways. Other ideas that are quite demanding will be glitter, crystals, rhinestones and more.

Nail trends 2021

Examples of superfashion manicure 2021-2022 will be stunning and charming, as always, allowing you to add fresh notes with bright accents like fashionable seasonal manicure.

Nail art with animal print

Analyzing the new options for nail prints for the 2021-2022 season, we recommend that you pay attention to the manicure in a very unusual design. And we’ll talk about animal-like designs – leopard spots, zebra print, and other variations on this theme. An important detail of the design of animal print in fashion will be the use of different colors, “negative space”, matte finish.

Nail designs 2021 prints

Geometric shapes

Straight lines and nail graphics have never ceased to delight, allowing us to use bold manicure solutions for office and work, for every day and for a special event. Geometry on the nails looks great in a new gloss and foil solution with a matte finish, as well as a complement like negative space.

Black manicure with geometric shapes

New nail ideas: portraits

It is not for the first time when we encounter glittering and colorful paintings on the nails when the blushing outlines silhouettes, lips or eyes appear on nails. Such a manicure can only surprise and attract special attention, making nails with portraits real art works.

Nail art ideas 2021

Nail powder

Nail powder will become the perfect choice for an evening manicure. Mirror nails look great like an accent or a complete manicure. The contrast of a matte and glossy finish or a soft and dark finish adds expressiveness to a fashionable manicure made with nail powder.

Short nail designs in style

Nude manicure

Neutral nail finish will be one of the main trends in fashionable nail design for the coming season. Nude finish in different styles look stylish and luxurious, featuring a special chic on nails of different shapes. Here you can use pearly powder, stripes and micro-rhinestones or mini-drawings in nude manicure.

Fashion nude manicure


The impeccability of fashionable manicures will be determined to a greater extent by the simplicity of shades, techniques and decor elements that fit perfectly into minimalism on the nails. The minimalist style can be implemented in the manicure with geometric shapes, matte design, floristry and other small prints.

Easy nail designs 2022

Ombre manicure

The magic of the ombre manicure has made it possible to create new types of nail designs for each taste, each time with surprisingly new approaches. The main element of the nail fashion gradient will be the color scheme, which will determine the manicure with gradient. Abstract ombre, on a separate nail or on all nails, matte and glossy, with drawings – these are not all the shadow options you can recreate for yourself.

Nail trends for 2021 ombre

The new French manicure

The eternal motives of the classic manicure are so original that they will compete with any nail-art technique. Choose French manicure with drawings, rhinestones and decoration, floral interpretation, matte finish.

French manicure design

Manicure with rhinestones, beads and glitter

New ideas for nail decoration are reflected in the trendy evening manicure. This is, of course, manicure with a lot of rhinestones, pebbles, crystals and glitter. The trend will be the use of glossy nail elements with a matte finish, irresistible pebbles with marble patterns that will allow you to get a stylish style of modern manicure for a special occasion.

Nail ideas with stones 2021

Multicolored nails

In search of a simple yet stylish design, pay attention to the new trend – multicolored finish on each finger or on some fingers. This technique looks great if you use calmer shades of gel or faded shades. Looks interesting also the manicure with a different finish on both hands.

Colored nail designs 2022

fashion manicure 2021-2022 season – trends, images and completely new design:

Nail images 2021 2022

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