Best Trench Coats for Women 2021-2022: How to Wear a Trench Coat

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In the autumn and winter season, fashionable clothing for women of different ages has a special femininity, combined so well with futurism and extravagance.

Among the most relevant ideas for outdoor clothing, mostly include fashionable trench coats 2021-2022.

Trench Coats 2021

You can meet classics such as the Burberry style or ultra-modern leather trench coats, suede and other unusual textures.

It is worth paying attention to the prints of which animal print, romantic and delicate prints that will surely attract the attention of others.

Best trench coats 2022

The leopard print will be a spectacular solution for a trendy trench coat in the cold season 2021-2022, allowing you to look original and memorable.

Plaid will become mega popular, allowing the creation of urban, sport-chic and casual outfits.

Fall 2021 long trench coats

How about beautiful trench coats with floral motifs, so feminine and extremely delicate for women of all ages.

The top shades will be pastels like purple, powder, peach, beige and also gray, white, black and red. They will look impressive in the shades of emerald green, olive, khaki, claret and coral.

Spring trench coats 2022

Futuristic trenches with made of patent leather and metallic glossy leather, transparent patterns or waterproof trenches, oversize trenches – are designs that will be part of top fashion trench coats 2021-2022.

Women red trench coats

Romantic sets should be completed with lightweight trenches like capes with transparent elements and lace or satin glamour trenches. To go to the office, opt for a waist or straight cut, complete with a monochrome belt.

New trenches outfits

Today, trendy street-style and chic sports designs are not part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. These can be worn not only with boots and flats, but also with sports shoes, boots, over the knees boots, allowing the creation of wonderful and practical looks.

Casual women trench coats 2021

So let’s see how fashionable trenches look like. We invite you to admire and inspire from the pictures with the designs of trenches that will be fashionable in the 2021-2022 season.

Office style trenches

Ladies who prefer the office style will not overlook the trenches in this style. A traditional trench with classic elements in shades of beige or dark, straight cut will make any look look bold and impeccable. You can choose other shades like green, blue and black.
Stylish trench coats 2022 office style

Strips and plaids are also elements that feature a trendy trench. An important role in creating an office look with a trench has features such as classic boots or shoes, pencil skirt or midi dresses, pants with shirts, etc.

Glamour trenches

A special evening or festive event will ask you to properly select the outer clothing, which can be a charming and luxurious trench. It is best to give up prints and opt for intense red that will be very relevant in 2021-2022. The satin gloss, wide cut, a laconic belt with beautiful buckle will be important details in the design of an evening fashion trench coat. Short sleeves and the absence of a collar will help you add elegance. Complete the look with pumps and clutch in the same style.

Fall trench coats designs 2022

Plaid trench coats

This is not the first season in which plaid trench coats have become a hit, and fashionable women adore it. The style of the plaid trench coats can be sporty and simple, depending on the size of the coats, as well as the silhouette of the trench. Plaids can be of black-and-white, black-white-gray colors, as well as other possible shades such as red, for example. Plaid patterns will be perfect for office or street style.

Fashion plaid trench coats 2021

Beige trench coats

By choosing the beige shade for a trench, you can be sure to accompany it for more than a year and will be an excellent contribution to the basic wardrobe. Creating a fashion look with a beige trench is not difficult because they can be easily combined with different shades, both lighter and darker. Jeans and skirts, heels and low heels and tops can be perfectly matched with a beige trench coat.

How to wear beige trench coats

Leather trench coats

The leather trench will be a very demanding fashion item in the cold season. Amazing are their shades, including red, yellow, purple, blue and dark blue. Here we are talking about the texture of leather trench coats that can be made of patent or metallic leather. Fashionable leather trenches are also presented in military style, as well as other feminine designs 2021-2022.

Long leather trench coats 2022

White Trench Coats

The white color will be excellent if we are to choose a fashionable trench coat for the 2021-2022 season. Yes, maybe the white color is not practical, but a white trench looks really spectacular. And if you want to create an immaculate look, then a trendy white trench will become an excellent option for outdoor clothing for a special occasion. It can be worn with a skirt, jeans, black pants, sweaters or shirts.

White trench coats for women 2021

Short trench coats

If you are looking for a practical trench, then choose short patterns that will be both stylish and excellent at the same time. Short trench coats can be matched with dresses and pants. You can choose a denim or waterproof trench coat in a short version in a shade of beige with a discreet gloss that adds a mystery note.

Short stylish trench coats

Trench coats trends for the new season 2021-2022: best outfits

Trench coats 2021 2022 images

Street style trench coat

short beige

office style

with jeans

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