Best Sunglasses for Women 2021-2022

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Fashionable glasses have become an accessory for stylish sets of all beautiful ladies. And it does not matter which style of clothing you prefer: sports, classic or casual, you will always find the perfect pair of sunglasses for the 2021-2022 season.

Every season, designers propose new sunglasses that allow even the demanding ones to choose a pair of fashionable sunglasses that will give the picture a great diversity and charm.

Sunglasses 2022

Fashionable sunglasses from 2021-2022 have many different representations and shapes: from miniature and sophisticated to unique sunglasses, as well as unique floral frames, crystals and prints.

Such sunglasses in the 2021-2022 season will leave absolutely no lady indifferent, causing interest and desire to become the owner not only of a pair but of several pairs of modern sunglasses.

Sunglasses designs 2021 round shape

Fashionable sunglasses for women are not just a spectacular accessory and an elegant addition to an image, they have an important protection function, protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays.

Therefore, the quality of the sunglasses should be excellent, and only this issue should concern you when choosing a model or other sunglasses models.

What sunglasses to wear in 2021

You probably know that if you choose a pair of low quality sunglasses without proper protection functions, you will cause even more eye damage. After all, the color of the lenses, even if they are very dark, has nothing to do with their ability not to protect against the harmful radiation of the sun.

It is important to remember that the darkest lenses do not guarantee a hundred percent safe radiation protection. The degree of transfer of the lenses and their protective properties depend on the category of glass, which is indicated on the frame.

Eyewear trends most popular styles shapes 2022

There are four categories of eyewear: category 1 – with a low protection factor, category 4 – the highest protection factor. In addition, distinguished polarized lenses, ideal for gloss coming from water, hot asphalt or even snow.

Also important is the color of the lenses. For example, for driving, yellow and brown lenses are required, and for a hot tropical climate – green and blue lenses.

What are the best women's sunglasses 2021

And it’s not fair to say that sunglasses are an exclusive accessory for the summer. These can be worn all year long to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

But in the summer we are used to choosing and renewing our wardrobe with sunglasses – news offered by the best fashion houses and brands.

Mirror lenses sunglasses ladies

Sunglasses trends dictate us to choose elegant designs in metal, organic wood, transparent plastic frames, unusual frames.

The shapes of the 2021-2022 fashion sunglasses are absolutely different: teashades, oversize rounds, aviator, wayfarer, cat eye, butterfly, narrow, frames with unusual geometric shapes, etc.

Cat eye sunglasses 2022 trends

Let’s take a look at the best sunglasses patterns 2021-2022 that we can choose to look great and stylish.

We present fashionable sunglasses for every taste and in different styles, which will help you choose charming glasses for next season.

Most popular sunglasses 2021

How to choose a pair of sunglasses 2021-2022 based on the face shape

Beautiful looks with sunglasses will look great if they are chosen correctly, taking into account the look, the features of the face and the shade of the complexion.

Thus, besides the very shape of glasses, an important role is played by the color of the lenses and the decorative elements of the frame, if they are present. Choose fashionable sunglasses to match the color of your hair and skin, and complement the face oval.

We invite you to find out which models of sunglasses are suited to the shape of the face:

Sunglasses based on the face shape

Oval face shape. The oval-shaped ladies of the girl will be the least worried about choosing the perfect sunglasses because all the designs fit them: starting with oversize, narrow and round to classic shapes.

Round face shape. Owners of a round face shape must wear sunglasses that will “visually elongate” the face: square glasses and oversize type, butterfly and cat eye. Not too dark sunglasses are recommended, ideal for gray and gradient lenses.

 Eyewear for round shape

Triangle face shape. Round and oval sunglasses will look perfect in unusual colors and will visually adjust the face “corners”.

Squared face. Ladies with this type of face should look for oval and round frames that are in harmony with the face square. We do not recommend square and rectangular glasses that will not be very appropriate in this case.

With the right choice of 2021-2022 Fashion Sunglasses, you’re guaranteed a charming look, both to go to the office, to a business meeting and a romantic dinner, as well as a walk or shopping.

Round sunglasses 2021-2022

A true hit of the next season will be the fashionable sunglasses in a round shape that can be featured in a retro classic performance like Harry Potter’s or Teashades, as well as glasses with hyper size in the round frame.

Round fashionable sunglasses 2022

The latter have an interesting frame decoration in the form of stones, an additional handle and sometimes flower frames, applications or sunglasses oversize in a 2021-2022 round frame.

Teashades models with dark black lenses and thin metal frame are highly demanded this season. Oversized sun glasses can have semi-transparent lenses in shades of blue, purple or peach.

Oversize Sunglasses 2021-2022

Hypersize sunglasses do not fit anyone and anytime, however, they can create impressive looks for special events.

The oversize sunglasses design 2021-2022 is present in the following variations: round, square, butterfly, unusual geometric frame and several other patterns.

Summer sunglasses 2021

Quite often, hypersize sunglasses are filled with decorative elements such as flowers, prints, applications and various décor elements that give the look a luxurious and chic appearance.

Sunglasses with transparent plastic frames

The transparent lenses of the sunglasses will give the picture a light and original look. Gray, beige, blue, pink, purple frames will look gorgeous in casual looks for modern ladies.

Sunglasses with transparent frames

Stylish frames made of transparent plastic with round or square shape, Butterfly shape, and cat eye model can be chosen by ladies to create their own unique and original style.

Stylish sunglasses with thin metal frame

Sunglasses with metal frame and lenses of different colors will also be fashionable.

You will find sunglasses models 2021-2022 with metal frame in aviator, round, cat eye, and Butterfly pattern.

Women aviator sunglasses

These will allow the creation of amazingly stylish and modern sets. For more extravagant outfits, choose spectacular glasses with mirror or colored lenses.

Fashion sunglasses designs 2021-2022: images, trends and novelties

Sunglasses 2021 2022 pictures

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